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Technology: Word Swag

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Word Swag is a multi-functional app that merges images with sayings or quotes, offering a unique and personal touch to any environment—it’s like having a graphic designer in your pocket.

How can educators apply Word Swag in the classroom?

Educators can use Word Swag to add a personal touch to their classroom by:

  • displaying "quotes of the day" on a presentation system 
  • creating  “memes” for classroom bulletin boards
  • sending quotes in a Remind text
  • designing a digital or printed photo album that can be displayed all year as a reminder or shown as a running slide show in the background on special occasions.

What do you love about it? 

I love that you can easily share personalized messages digitally and in print. First, you select a photo from their library of images, or use a photo from your device. After the image is chosen, the app suggests a wide variety of captions or you can write your own. The final product can be created in a few minutes using this simple app format. I also love that this tool allows teachers to share an encouraging, inspirational, or positive message with their students in an easy and relatable way. 

In what platform and on which devices will it work?

Word Swag is app-driven and available on internet available tablets, smartphones, and other devices with touch screens.

How much does it cost?

You can download Word Swag for free and use with a variety of basic options. For a low monthly fee, you can upgrade to Word Swag Pro to increase your design options.


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