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The Daniel Dilemma: How to Stand Firm and Love Well in a Culture of Compromise

by Chris Hodges

Christians today face a dilemma: in a world that seems to reject everything we believe, how do we walk closely with God without caving to pressure or alienating those we hope to reach? In this eye-opening new book, Hodges provides a solution by examining the life of the prophet Daniel, who persevered in a corrupt culture that closely resembles our own—and emerged as an influential force in God’s redemptive plan. Full of scripture and seasoned with Hodges’ candid personal insights, The Daniel Dilemma shows us that we can hold firmly to biblical beliefs without becoming obnoxious, insulting, or mad. We can stand strong while loving others well.

A Practical Guide to Culture: Helping the Next Generation Navigate Today’s World

By John Stonestreet and Brett Kunkle 

Do you feel like you are fighting a losing battle for the hearts and minds of your kids? This honest and practical guide for parents, educators, and Christian leaders explores our culture’s most difficult topics such as gender identity, social media, and race relations, while equipping readers with the truth so they can help guide kids and teens to live well in a challenging culture.

Teach Supernaturally: 3 Minute Devotionals That Will Transform Your Teaching! 

by Tasha Askew  

Educators are stressing and tapping out at alarming rates. Whether you are a fierce first-year teacher or a seasoned legend, the message to teachers is always the same: keep pushing even if the price is your sanity! But, it doesn’t have to be this way. If you are looking to transform your teaching experience, this 3 minute daily devotional will offer you holy strategy and divine perspective that will make you more effective with your students and excited about your role as a teacher!

Scientism and Secularism: Learning to Respond to a Dangerous Ideology

by J. P. Moreland 

Rigid adherence to scientism―as opposed to a healthy respect for science―is all too prevalent in our world today. Rather than leading to a deeper understanding of our universe, this worldview actually undermines real science and marginalizes morality and religion. In this book, celebrated philosopher J. P. Moreland exposes the self-defeating nature of scientism and equips us to recognize it’s harmful presence in different aspects of culture, emboldening our witness to biblical Christianity and arming us with strategies for the integration of faith and science―the only feasible path to genuine knowledge

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