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Changing Focus

Editor's Letter

Two years ago, much to my dismay, my eye doctor said that it was time for me to get bifocals. Convinced I wasn’t old enough to look like I needed reading glasses, I opted for multifocal lenses to eliminate that unattractive line in the middle that would announce my aging vision to the world. 

While this amazing feature looked better than the alternative, I found myself struggling to identify where to look as I tackled everyday activities like driving, reading a book, and walking down the stairs. Depending on where I looked, my vision completely changed. 

Similarly, I have found myself struggling to identify where to look when facing confusing changes and difficult situations in my life. Depending on where (or more specifically, to Whom) I looked during these times, my perspective completely changed. 

I noticed that when I looked at what I was feeling and the challenges I was facing, I wondered why and how I would trust God. But, when I looked at what I knew to be true of my God, I was reminded that He is good and that I could trust His plans and purposes.

To be honest, seeing past my feelings and challenges wasn’t always easy, so when I struggled, I would listen to the lyrics of Big Daddy Weave’s song “I Know” to help me keep my eyes on God and remember: He is good. He is kind. He hears me. He weeps with me. He is close to me. He loves me. He is the calm within the storm. He helps me carry heavy burdens…

I found that the more I looked at the goodness of God, the clearer my focus became, and the stronger my trust in Him grew. That focus and trust then allowed me to better navigate my way through the difficult times in my life.

Like me, if you have struggled with trusting God, whether in your classroom or personal life, I encourage you to examine where you are looking. Even though it’s not always easy, keeping your eyes on the goodness of God will help clarify your focus and strengthen your trust in Him. 


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