The Whiteboard

Without You

Without You, I am weak.
With You, I am strengthened by Your Spirit.

Without You, I am lost.
With You, I have purpose, passion, and hope.

Without You, I am tired.
With You, I can walk and not grow weary.

Without You, I am fearful. 
With You, I can confidently face any obstacle.

Without You, I am blind. 
With You, I see my students through Your compassionate eyes.
Without You, I don’t belong.
With You, I am a part of Your family. 

Without You, I am nothing.
With You, I am loved, forgiven, and treasured.

Thank You, Jesus, that I don’t have to do life without You.

Dalene Vickery Parker, a “rewired” high school English teacher, now enjoys supervising student teachers. She authored Christian Teachers in Public Schools and co-authored Words to Live By: A Word a Week.


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