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Let Them See

Editor's Letter

"Let your light shine before others, that they may see…" Matthew 5:16, NIV

You may notice the phrase “let them see” in communication from Christian Educators. 

I love this phrase because I feel it sums up the purpose of Teachers of Vision (TOV) magazine perfectly. The editorial staff strives to support, encourage, and empower you to embrace your identity in Christ to “let them (your students, coworkers, and your entire school community) see” the character of God.

We hope and pray that you will…

  • Let them see His love when you speak words of life to the student who seems to have shut down in your class 
  • Let them see His humility when you admit your mistakes and ask for forgiveness if you offend your students or coworkers
  • Let them see His kindness and compassion when you generously give of your time and talents, going above and beyond your contracted duties
  • Let them see His mercy and grace when you incorporate forgiveness into your classroom management and student discipline
  • Let them see the hope only found in Him when you exhibit a good attitude despite terrible circumstances in your personal and professional life

This is what living out your identity in Christ looks like. This is how you can serve as an ambassador for Christ in your school. And when you embrace your identity and minister as Christ’s ambassador like this, you let your students, coworkers, and the entire school community see the character of God.


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