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Top Performance: How to Develop Excellence in Yourself and Others

By Zig Ziglar

Rich with anecdotes and vivid illustrations, Top Performance provides specialized instruction for improving relationships with supervisors, coworkers, and subordinates to achieve maximum effectiveness in any profession. Ziglar reveals the qualities of good leadership and provides specific solutions for overcoming and correcting poor management practices. Regardless of your profession, this book will help you become your best, motivate others to excel, and boost the quality of your organization.


You Don’t Need Superpowers to Be a Kid’s Hero: Leading a Hero-Building School Culture 

By Bill Ziegler & Dave Ramage 

The future of our schools depends on leaders who can foster everyday heroism in others. This doesn’t require supernatural powers. It requires a willingness to be intentional in building heroes in our communities who are ready to take on the demands of the future.   

This book includes:

  • Training ideas for leadership teams
  • Instruments for gauging progress
  • Practical steps for building courage into practices
  • Strategies to help navigate the complexities of creating an extraordinary school
  • Hero building stories from the field.

7 Key Qualities of Effective Teachers: Encouragement for Christian Educators

By Robin Cox

This book explores seven key qualities of an effective teacher: relationships, Christlikeness, empowerment, empathy, humility, affirmation, and teamwork. Each chapter contains a prayerful reflection, an encouraging and inspiring poem or idea, quotes and references to provide compelling biblical reasons to keep focusing on a relational God, and true stories of how Christian educators have encouraged others in both secular and Christian school environments. 

Excellence: Every Classroom, Every Lesson, Every Day 

By Michael Horton

Based on the author’s experiences coaching administrators in both underperforming and high-achieving schools, Excellence: Every Classroom, Every Lesson, Every Day tells the fictional story of a principal’s transformation from a new, inexperienced, yet good-hearted administrator to a highly effective leader and motivator. The fictitious principal, Dr. Esposito, uses lessons gleaned from business and educational leadership books to solve common problems in schools as she gradually changes her leadership philosophy and style.

(The ideas and information presented in these books recommended by CEAI members may not represent the views and opinions of CEAI.)


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