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Dearest friends of instructional technology,

This is my final Ubiquitously Yours article. During my rich, 44-year career in education, I served as an instructional technology specialist and an independent tech coach for 18 years. This allowed me to understand and value the benefits of integrating technology into the classroom. I have loved sharing creative technologies with you since 2004 and marvel at how technology changes so quickly. As I looked back on tools that I have shared and tested in the classroom with my teachers, I thought I would give you my top ten picks. 

#1 - Technology Integration Matrix - platform that shares, models, and demonstrates the power of technology in the classroom.

#2 - Padlet - app that operates as a digital bulletin board, displaying multimedia information posted by either the teacher or student. 

#3 - SeeSaw - communication system that allows students to independently document what they are learning using photos, videos, drawings, text, pdfs, and links. 

#4 - Goosechase - 21st century scavenger hunt that blends traditional scavenger hunts with mobile technology, creating a fun learning experience.

#5 - Plickers - high-tech student response system that provides teachers with the ability to record each student’s answer to a question by scanning the class with a smartphone or tablet.

#6 - PhotoStory - app that develops a comprehensive digital project with images, voice-overs, captions, and copyright-free music. 

#7 - Livebinders - digital organizer that facilitates the sharing of documents and online resources with ease.

#8 - QR codes - the possibilities are endless for creative classroom use. 

#9 - Audacity - recording app that allows students to “add a voice” to their writing.

#10 - Evernote - app that captures and prioritizes ideas, projects, and to-do lists. This note taking app is my personal favorite!

As always, I am Ubiquitously Yours,



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