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ChatterPix Kids is an interactive photo-editing app designed for the elementary classroom that allows educators and students to make photographs “talk” in three easy steps. Simply choose or take a photo, draw a line to make a mouth, and then record a 30-second or less message—the possibilities are endless and are limited only by the user’s creativity.

Educators can use ChatterPix Kids to create:

  • Content introductions with a hook  
  • Exciting classroom announcements 
  • Thoughtful introductions to classroom procedures
  • Informational messages for students and their families 

Students can use ChatterPix Kids to explore:

  • Interactive biographies and autobiographies 
  • Multimedia creation for experiment findings, research, and reports
  • Reading fluency, presentation, and speaking standards
  • Ways to show what they know in a playful and age-appropriate way 

What do you love about it?

I love that students can use ChatterPix Kids to share what they have learned in any subject area in a novel, entertaining way. The app is easy for students as young as kindergarten to use yet is still functional and valuable for older students as well. The 30-second recording window helps keep content concise and thoughtful. Most importantly, I love that ChatterPix Kids provides educators with a simple tool to make mastering learning targets and content standards fun for students. 

 How can users access it?

ChatterPix Kids is available to download on all Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Chrome devices.

How much does it cost?

It is FREE!

Amanda Sears is the Technology Integration Specialist for Amherst Exempted Village Schools in Ohio. Her goals are to educate, enrich, and empower students, teachers, and the community with the power of innovative education technology.


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