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Meant for More: A National School Project Campaign

NSP provides student leaders with powerful outreach tools such as Bibles, gospel booklets, and discipleship resources and curriculum.

“You are meant for more than anxiety, depression, hopelessness, fear….” 

Student-made fliers proclaiming these words of hope decorate the hallways of Desert View High School in Tucson, AZ. Meanwhile, Rogelio, a junior and the leader of Desert View’s Christian Club, stands behind a card table stacked high with English and Spanish Bibles. Before school and between classes, students (and faculty) flock to the table to grab a free donut, a Bible, and an invitation to a lunchtime gospel event. Long after the donuts run out, students still come up to take home a Bible and ask questions about Jesus.
Fast forward just a few hours. The lunch bell rings and hundreds of students flood into Desert View’s auditorium. Rogelio is standing at the front, microphone in hand, ready to share his testimony and the gospel in front of his classmates.
In just 20 short minutes, hundreds of students have heard the gospel—many for the first time—and dozens have made the decision to follow Jesus. In a few days, Rogelio and the other members of Desert View’s Christian Club will reach out to every single student who attended and invite them to attend a local church to learn more about Jesus.

Students boldly proclaiming the name of Jesus on their public school campuses...Even if you could imagine a student brave enough to do something like this, it can’t be legal, can it?

Amazingly, even in 2021, it is still legal for students to share the gospel with their peers while at school. Furthermore, Christian students across the nation are eager to share, and their peers are desperate for the hope and salvation Jesus alone provides. 

That is why for the past 18 years the National School Project (NSP) has been excited to equip students to reach their campuses with the good news of Jesus Christ. NSP’s ongoing prayer is that God will inspire a student-led, church-supported campus awakening to the love of Christ at every public school. 

Since our very first on-campus outreach in Southern California back in 2004, we have helped students from nearly 400 schools in 11 states lead over 2,000 outreach events. Nearly 200,000 students attended these events and approximately 9,000 students have indicated first-time decisions for Christ!

In the fall of 2019, NSP launched the Meant for More campaign. This campaign equips students to share the gospel with their peers through the message that they are “meant for more” than the things of this world like anxiety, depression, hopelessness, fear...they are meant for a relationship with Jesus. 

As students from coast to coast began to join and respond to the movement, we immediately saw the Meant for More message resonate with Christian and non-Christian students alike. Looking ahead, NSP’s goal is to equip students to lead a Meant for More outreach at 500 schools across the country in the next two years. What if your school was one of them?

All the training and resources students need to start a Christian club at their school or plan an outreach event are at their fingertips at Plus, no matter what city or state they live in, NSP provides personalized coaching completely free of charge as well as opportunities to connect online with other student leaders across the nation. 

Christian students like Rogelio are stepping up in big ways to tell other students that they are “meant for more” than what this world offers. And because of their courage, many students are finding salvation in Jesus and the abundant life He promises to all who trust and follow Him.

Do you know of any Christian students who want to share Jesus with other students while in school? You can empower your student leaders by telling them about the many students across the country who are leading Meant for More outreaches. Let them know you believe God can use them and offer to help them appropriately along the way.

To learn more, visit:
Phone: 562-943-9787
Facebook: @nationalschoolproject
Instagram: @meantformore.nsp


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