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“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” – Benjamin Franklin

It’s no secret that stress is an issue in the education profession. With the introduction of COVID-19 and the many added responsibilities to teachers’ plates from the pandemic, many educators are feeling more stressed than ever. And, we all know that stress can lead to many negative health consequences. This leads us to an important question: What can teachers do to lower their stress levels?

My answer to this question may surprise you: excellent classroom management.

Classroom management can be defined as setting clear expectations around when and how things will occur in our classrooms. Essentially, the best kind of classroom management involves really great routines for just about every scenario you could imagine in your day-to-day schedules.  

So, how do routines help manage stress levels? 

When our students know what to expect, they behave accordingly. They come in, they get started with their work, and they participate in the ways they have been taught. And, if your students do not follow your guidelines, they know exactly what to expect from you. Will you warn them? You do not have to decide at that moment. You already have a procedure for that, and your students are well aware of it. Less decision-making and smoothly flowing routines throughout instructional time equals less stress for everyone.

What are some areas where educators can establish stress-reducing procedures?

  • amount of homework
  • entering and leaving the classroom routines
  • assignment turn-in process
  • quiz and test intervals
  • student/teacher communication
  • timetable for grading and returning work
  • blueprint for group work
  • student absence protocol

A smoothly operating system does take a few weeks to get up and running well. But once everyone understands the expectations, practices procedures, and discusses any areas of concern, you will have an environment that is designed for learning. 

Teachers who have a calmer classroom filled with students who are happily learning are simply less stressed than other teachers. Let’s be proactive. Let’s create routines and positive learning environments. Let’s prevent health issues caused by stress. Could classroom management be the cure you have been looking for?

Linda Kardamis taught middle school math before founding Teach 4 the Heart. She is the author of Create Your Dream Classroom and Take Heart and Teach and the creator of Classroom Management 101. She and her husband are raising their four kids in Northeast Ohio.

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