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Canva is a graphic design platform offering the average internet user the ability to create professional, high-quality designs. This tech tool offers several categories of design templates for social media, marketing, documents, prints, and videos. It even has templates specifically designed for school and personal use. 

Educators can use Canva templates to create:

  • mind mapping graphics
  • infographics
  • class schedules 
  • lesson plans 
  • worksheets
  • email headers
  • social media posts
  • and so much more...  

Students can use Canva templates to create:

  • presentations
  • brochures
  • posters
  • videos
  • and so much more... 

What do you love about it?

Canva helps educators and students become graphic designers quickly and easily. It is simple to use and packed with resources for educators. Whether I’m designing a newsletter for parents, trying to engage students with catchy graphics, or simply trying to spice up a presentation, Canva is the tool I use.  

How can users access Canva? 

Canva can be accessed on desktop browsers and the mobile app.

How much does it cost?

Canva is free, but access to some of the premiere photos, templates, or flyers have a nominal fee. 


Dr. Bill Ziegler, NASSP Digital Principal winner and CEO of Chase Learning, is passionate about empowering school leaders to relate, innovate, and invigorate. Check out his podcast, “Lead the Way” (a five minute or less podcast for school leaders), and his website at 


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