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WeVideo is a cloud-based, multimedia creation tool that makes learning the way it should be: inclusive, collaborative, and fun.

Educators can use WeVideo to:

  • Create engaging video lessons and assignments
  • Deliver instruction through slideshows and screen recordings
  • Design collaborative environments to foster ideas and share students’ voices
  • Measure student engagement

Students can use WeVideo to:

  • Highlight important concepts using engaging educational GIFs
  • Share knowledge with teachers and peers through fun video presentations 
  • Produce corresponding content that demonstrates thinking, learning, and understanding
  • Record podcasts that can share trending ideas with a global audience

What do educators love about it?  

WeVideo provides opportunities for deeper learning and developing higher-order cognitive skills. It also offers a plethora of options for differentiating student instruction. The editing format is easy to use, so students are more likely to share their ideas, express their viewpoints, and collaborate with their peers.

How can users access it? 

Students and teachers can visit and create an account from an IOS or Android device as well as any web browser. WeVideo integrates seamlessly with various learning management systems and other educational tools. 

How much does it cost?

WeVideo for Schools has various pricing structures. Both free and paid versions of their cloud-based software are available to give its educational users a variety of teacher and classroom experiences. 

Amanda Sears is the Technology Integration Specialist for Amherst Exempted Village Schools in Ohio. Her goals are to educate, enrich, and empower students, teachers, and the community with the power of innovative education technology. 


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