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Morning Musings: Weekly Encouragement for the Educator’s Soul 

by Stacey D. Reed

Between school violence, insufficient resources, overcrowded classrooms, and inadequate pay, educators encounter a variety of challenges that can potentially pollute their souls. Educators need encouragement to continue the charge set before them. In this devotional, Reed offers fellow educators weekly encouragement to maintain a cleansed soul and teach with the purest of heart, intention, and divine guidance.

Take Heart and Teach: How to teach with excellence, balance, and the joy of the Lord (even when things are crazy)

by Linda Kardamis 

Are you weighed down by the challenges you face each day in your classroom?

Take heart, and join us to discover how to:

  • manage your classroom and create a conducive learning environment
  • find balance, wisely investing your time and energy
  • teach with His peace and joy, even when things are going wrong
  • make a bigger difference and shine His light in your classroom.

The Power of the Positive Teacher: Yes! You can be the amazing, inspiring teacher you were born to be AND have a personal life. 

by Jackie Matthews 

As a Christian educator, you are a mentor to the next generation and one of America's “first responders.” Whether you teach in a public or private school, new and veteran teachers alike will find inspiring stories, encouragement from God's Word, and strategies from top teachers around the nation in this new book designed to help teachers get back to the joy of teaching!

Know Thyself: The Imperfectionist’s Guide to Sorting Your Stuff 

by Lisa Lawmaster Hess

Chasing one-size-fits-all organization solutions does not work because you are not a one-size-fits-all person. You're unique. (Just ask the God who created you!)

Know Thyself is an effective and fun way to discover and embrace your personal and organizational styles. You'll take what you might have thought was a flaw and learn how to make it a strength. That, plus Lisa's help and sense of humor, will guide you toward an organizational method you can really stick with.

(The ideas and information presented in these books recommended by CEAI members may not represent the views and opinions of CEAI.)

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